What we do

We are promoting respect for human rights in Slovakia, in particular rights of the Roma ethnic minority, which is facing, most of all, a social exclusion.


Our priorities are:


In these fields:

  • we provide legal advice, free of charge;
  • we provide, in specific cases, legal representation free of charge in court proceedings and other legal procedures with regard to their broader social impact, so-called ‘strategic litigation’;
  • we conduct monitoring and research;
  • we carry out educational and publishing activities;
  • we advocate for systemic changes on the political level;
  • we provide information, to international human rights organizations.


By court proceedings, and other legal procedures, we seek above all:

  • to improve an implementation of legislative measures for a protection of human rights of minorities;
  • to encourage a public discussion regarding the violations of human rights of minorities in our society;
  • to maintain pressure upon a relevant state authorities to adopt necessary measures to guarantee the protection of human rights of minorities.


Our main goal is:

  • Empower: We support those who suffer human rights violations and empower them to become active participants in addressing injustice.
  • Litigate: We ensure that those responsible for human rights violations are held into account, that victims get redress through courts and that courts become vehicles for social change.
  • Educate: We run well informed advocacy campaigns addressing specific human rights violations and educate key stakeholders on applicable international human rights standards.