Supplementary written comments to the UN Human Rights Committee submitted jointly with partner NGOs

Published: 09 / 26 / 2016 16:33

Together with partner non-governmental organizations Center for Reproductive Rights, Citizen, Democracy and Accountability and Women`s Circles we submitted the UN Human Rights Committee (HRC) a joint alternative report, which describes shortcomings in the implementation of International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights in Slovakia specifically in the area of the protection of women`s reproductive rights. Poradna contributed to this report with a chapter about persisting shortcomings in access to justice for Romani women, who have been forcibly sterilized in Slovakia in the past. It is the second report in a short time that Poradna submitted to the UN Human Rights Committee. In October 2016 the representatives of the Government will be presenting the progress being made in the protection of civil and political rights over previous years in Slovakia. We hope that our reports will enable the Committee to better get to know the situation in this area in our country.