Networking of Roma women activists and other women's groups in Slovakia continues

Published: 10 / 21 / 2019 15:50

On 12 - 13 October 2019 we organized another meeting of Roma women in Košice, whose aim was to connect a group of Roma women with other groups of women in Slovakia.

As one of the participants at the meeting said, the cooperation of active women is important. The more of us, the stronger voice we have. Only together we can stop discrimination against Roma women and all women in our society.

Roma women had the opportunity to learn more about the work of the women's NGO Women's Circles. Mirka Rašmanová, apart form introducing the activities of this organization, spoke with Roma women about possible links in cooperation and mutual support. She also stressed the importance of hearing the voice of Roma women and their experience of childbirth.

Mirka Urdová spoke in more detail about her experience as a doula - who accompanies women at childbirth. She also spoke in more detail about the performance of Vagina Monologues , which she co-organized in Prešov past two years. She shared her future plans with Roma women and discussed the possible further involvement of Roma women and their stories in the performance.

We consider the networking of Roma women with other women's groups to be very important. That is why we have - jointly with Roma women - planned future activities at the end of the meeting program.

We organized the meeting with the financial support of Sigrid Rausing Trust and Open Society Foundations.

Photo: Maja Bodnárová