Roma women persistently pursue advocacy and other activities to protect their rights

Published: 10 / 21 / 2020 11:12

Roma women persistently continue their advocacy activities to protect their rights. On September 9, 2020, at a meeting in Prešov, Roma activists worked on requests for personal meetings with representatives of state institutions. They plan to talk to them about their efforts to secure compensation for illegally sterilized Roma women and to investigate this practice. They would also like to talk about the ill-treatment experienced by Roma women in hospitals, their segregation and humiliation. They now see the arrival of a new government as another chance for the stories of Roma women to be heard and for the injured women to finally seek justice.  

In the past, some Roma women have pointed to the problems they face in accessing drinking water and waste management in marginalized Roma communities. Some of the women expressed interest in cooperating in addressing shortcomings in this area, also using legal remedies. Therefore, at the meeting, we also talked with Roma women about the next step, namely the initiation of possible lawsuits to protect the rights of some Roma women in access to drinking water. 

Together with women, we also planned field monitoring, which will also be attended by Roma women activists, and together we determined the locations where the monitoring will take place in the near future. Together with women, we will thus obtain information in various localities, which we will then use for strategic litigation and advocacy activities in the field of discrimination or police violence. 

Women are determined to continue advocacy and other activities to protect their rights. 

We hold meetings of Roma activists as part of the project `Promoting Human Rights of  Roma Minority and Mobilization of Roma Communities in Slovakia` supported by the Open Society Foundations and the follow-up institutional grant from the Sigrid Rausing Trust to support our work to protect the human rights of Roma women. 

Advocacy activities towards state institutions and field monitoring, planned at the meeting, were supported within the project 'Promoting Human Rights of Roma Minority by Using Legal Means of Protection and in Cooperation with local Roma Activists' supported by the program Active Citizens Fund - Slovakia  that is financed from the Financial mechnism EHP 2014-2021. The program is managed by the Ekopolis Foundation in partnership with the Open Society Foundation and Carpathian Foundation.