Press statement on the decision of Regional court in Kosice in a case of violence against Roma boys from Lunik IX

Published: 05 / 04 / 2018 13:15

The Regional court in Košice at its today`s public session quashed a first instance decision of the District court Košice II that in May 2017 acquitted police officers accused of violence against six Roma boys from Luník IX. The District court has to deal with this case again and address shortcomings of its previous decision making that the Regional court pointed out.   

For a long time we have been providing free legal representation to the affected Roma boys.

An attoreney and a legal representative of the affected boys Vanda Durbáková said on the today`s decision:

“Today`s decision of the Regional court proves that the first instance court has been failing to decide this case lawfully for a long time. The Regional court already for a second time quashed its decision concerning this case due to the serious failures in its decision making. According to the international human rights law responsible state bodies are obliged to decide such cases effectively and without delays. It is inacceptable when a court proceeding in such cases lasts for almost 10 years. Regardless of when and how Slovak courts will finally close this case – we can already conclude that they gravely failed to provide the affected persons effective access to justice.”