We talked about discrimination of Roma women with representatives of the Ministry of Health

Published: 03 / 06 / 2019 16:44

On 19 February 2019 we had a meeting with representatives of the Ministry of Health of Slovakia in order to draw attention to ongoing discrimination of Roma women in hospitals and discuss measures to counter it.    

The meeting was initiated based on our advocacy report Vakeras Zorales, by which we last year raised public attention on exposures of humiliation, discrimination and violence that Roma women in some maternity wards in eastern Slovakia face.

One Roma woman activist, who jointly with a group of other Roma women strive to improve the situation in this area, has also attended a meeting. She talked about negative experiences of Roma women with reproductive health care in one of a maternity ward and called on the Ministry of Health to adopt measures that would bring about a change.             

At the meeting we also discussed some of the measures that we propose in this area, including the necessity to improve inspection practices towards hospitals. We consider the effective control mechanisms to be key to improve the current situation.   

We plan to continue in communication with the Ministry of Health on this topic.