Combating Discrimination and Advancing Minority Rights in Slovakia – One Step Ahead

Project closed.

The project aims to further improve legal protection from discrimination and combat human rights violations against Roma minority in Slovakia through public interest litigation. It enables to carry on litigation of individual cases of discrimination and police abuses against Roma already pending in domestic courts as well as international judicial institutions (ECHR in Strasbourg, UN Treaty monitoring bodies). It also enables to carry on human rights field monitoring and initiate new court cases of human rights violations against Roma.

The new initiated discrimination cases will be primarily litigated by using the mechanism of  "actio popularis" - public interest claim, which in comparison with an individual claim has better potential to prevent structural discrimination, which may arise as a result of complex social and institutional processes like segregation of minority groups in education or housing.

The project is implemented in the period from 1 December 2015 to 28 February 2018 with the financial support of Open Society Foundations.