Equality in the Slovak Reality

Project closed.

The project "Equality in the Slovak Reality – Overcoming Institutional Barriers in Implementing the Principle of Equal Treatment by Increasing the Potential for Equality Mainstreaming" is implemented in partnership with The Office of the Government of the Slovak Republic and the non-governmental NGO Citizen, Democracy and Accountability.

The project strives for better implementation of the national legislation on non-discrimination, developing the national policy to combat discrimination and promote equality beyond legislation and fostering dissemination of information on EU and national policy and legislation in the anti discrimination field. Within the project, Poradna is particularly responsible for elaborating an analysis of application of antidiscrimination legislation in practice as an instrument for identifying and overcoming institutional barriers in these areas.

The project was implemented in a period from 1 December 2011 to 31 December 2012 based on the agreement between by the European commission and The Office of the Government of the Slovak Republic.