Roma women activists from Eastern Slovakia and NGOs networking

This project builds on the cooperation between us and Center for Reproductive Rights in 2016 - 2017, which included a number of activities as well as releasing our joint advocacy report Vakeras Zorales - Speaking Out: Roma women's experiences in reproductive health care in Slovakia documenting human rights of Roma women in reproductive and maternal care.

This project also builds on our long term collaboration with a group of Roma women activists living in marginalized Roma communities in Eastern Slovakia who actively pursue the protection of Roma women's  reproductive rights.

Within the project we will organise a one day networking and strategic meeting for women's rights civil society organisations and human rights activists in Slovakia in order to strengthen partnership between Poradňa, Roma women activists and other domestic civil society organizations and discuss potential joint action to achieve progress in advocacy for Roma women's reproductive rights.

The project “Roma women activists from Eastern Slovakia and NGOs networking” is realised from February 1, 2019 till August 16, 2019 with support of Center for Reproductive Rights.