What is discrimination

Discrimination is an action or an omission by which one person is treated differently from another based on ethnicity, sex, disability, age, religion or other dissimilarities.

What we do

In our work, we have been devoted to eliminate discrimination in various areas of public life. We have been particularly focused on a discrimination of the Roma minority in our society.

Protection from discrimination

In case of discrimination, you can file a claim or complaint in court.

How we can support you

In case of discrimination, we can:

  • provide basic legal advice;
  • provide legal representation in a court proceeding, in specific cases.

Our achievements

  • we provided legal representation, free of charge, to discriminated individuals in court proceedings;
  • we initiated the first legal proceedings (including ‘actio popularis’) in accordance with the domestic Anti-Discrimination Act and reached key decisions in favor of discriminated individuals.


Here you may find detailed information about individuals who achieved justice in their discrimination cases.