Protection from discrimination

You can defend yourself from discrimination by:

  • complaining to a relevant superior or managing individual:
    • in case a discrimination took place within employment, you can complain to your superior or to your employer;
    • in case a discrimination took place in an educational institution, you can complain to a directorate and/or to its founder;
  • appealing to an administrative body:
  • complaining to a relevant court, based on the Antidiscrimination Act – you may claim for:
    • elimination of discrimination;
    • an apology;
    • financial compensation.


In case of discrimination, you may approach the Slovak National Center for Human Rights, which:

  • provides legal advice, free of charge;
  • conducts independent research in cases of discrimination;
  • issues expert opinions.

Find out more about how to defend against discrimination in our manual Let´s Say No to Discrimination (in Slovak only).