Police Violence

What is police violence

Police violence is a breach of the right to be free from inhuman and degrading treatment or punishment. Police officers may never use unjustifiable excessive physical or psychological force.

What we do

In our work, we have been devoted for years to eliminate police violence, and we seek to achieve that all aggrieved persons may claim justice. For many years, our main attention has been focused on police violence with racial motive, which in our country mostly affects the Roma minority.

Protection from police violence

In case you are a victim of police violence, you can file a claim or criminal complaint.

How we can support you

In case of police violence, we provide:

  • basic legal advice free of charge;
  • in specific cases, also legal representation in a criminal proceeding.

Our achievements

  • we provided legal representation, free of charge, to aggrieved individuals in criminal court proceedings largely covered by media in the cases of torture of Roma boys from the suburb Luník IX at the Police station in Košice (2009), and police raids in Moldava nad Bodvou (2013) and in Vrbnica (2015);
  • we provided legal representation to dozens of individuals who argued to be victims of police violence.


Here you may find detailed information about individuals who defended themselves against police violence.